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Ask Mayank started in 2019 as a 1st platform to come up with modules at the price below $2 (INR 100). The Wide range of courses from industry experts delivered with examples & case study to best understand and expertise the subject.

Free Online Training Courses

Free online courses at ask mayank help you learn the topics you want according to your requirement. There are millions of people looking for courses but not able to take up the training because of the flexibility.

Free courses are not done at a basic level. The modules are suitable for beginners and skill up to expert level so that even if you are already knowing the subject you will still have the opportunity to learn more.

Many of our courses come with internationally recognized certification where you will be guided on benefits of the certification and passed on the required knowledge so that you can easily crack it.

Corporate & Team Training

We understand that to grow any organization you need skilled people to work and deliver. We have a team of industry experts who can help the company and team to get in-depth practical knowledge.

We also can organize trainers of your choice to meet specific requirements and skill-up your employees to drive the success by imparting best tactic and the latest trend in the subject you are looking out for.

Our courses are completely customizable and made according to the needs of the organization. Our corporate training section can be delivered in-house or even can be delivered as a corporate training event so that your team can meet professionals from other organization.

Certified Trainers

“Use the platform for the transformation from beginner to advanced level, surely with the course, you will notice the skills you acquire will lead to success.”

Mayank Swaroop, CEO, Founder

Join Our Team of Expert Trainer

Join Our Team of Expert Trainer

Start Earning Easily Just by Uploading the Content about the Topic you know Best