Apply As An Instructor

Become a trainer at Ask Mayank and train other on what you like

If you are good at what you do and think people will like getting trained by you. Then you are in the right place. We are open to all giving an opportunity where we will select the best 10 trainers for each topic and you will get 25% commission every time your course are sold via our platform.

How To Become A Online Trainer

Be an online trainer gives you the flexibility to provide training and record according to your flexibility.

Register to become a teacher

You have to to fill out this form

Anyone with the right skills in their own subject can become an instructor. All you need to do is fill the form on this page and we will contact you back. Once we verify your details and experience you will be required to share the modules which need to cover the topics from basic to advance level.

After matching modules with the market standard, we will ask you for a demo class where we will test you for your presentation skills. It is important that you provide training with correct examples and case study. Once we are done you will be welcome onboard as a trainer at "Ask Mayank".
All our instructors need to agree that they will provide full knowledge about the subject according to the latest technology. Also courses will need to be improvised over period of time. Any courses not updated in last 6months will need to be updated or we will take down the course.

Trainers need to agree that the introduction and basic modules will be provided for free so that our students can evaluate you according to their requirement. Also, the commission of the course will be shared to your bank account once you have minimum of 1000INR as credit.
Once you are selected as a trainer we will share all the documents, software and instruction module. We also will help you with the tricks on how you can improve the deliverability. Quality of the training will be monitored and we will take student feedback at the end of the module.

The complete training will be divided into small modules and provided individually. The cost pre-module will be discussed with you and will be finalized with the help of our course development team. Maximum cost per module can be of 100INR. We will make sure that the complete course will be worth your effort. The courses need to have Video, PPT and Case Study in document format.